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Want training?

We provide training in CPRT outside of the context of research projects!
See below for more details and click the "Apply Now" button to access our training inquiry form.

CPRT Basics

This training service involves didactic lectures containing information on how to implement CPRT.

CPRT Coaching

In this training service, a research-trained CPRT coach observes and provides feedback on teachers' implementation of CPRT.

CPRT System Change

Implementing a new intervention in a school involves many factors. This training service focuses on developing plans for sustained implementation of CPRT.

CPRT Resources

CPRT Manual

This practical manual and accompanying DVD-ROM present a research-supported behavioral intervention for children with autism that teachers can easily integrate into their existing classroom curriculum.


A web-based lesson planning resource for teachers seeking to use CPRT in their everyday classroom activities. These lesson ideas detail exactly how each of the CPRT components will be addressed in the context of motivating and thematic activities.

Additional CPRT Resources

To access updated versions of CPRT resources such as lesson planning templates, fidelity self-checklists, and more, click below. 

CPRT Resources: News
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